Hazy day


The  sun rose hazy today. Apparently the result of the Pacific Northwest fires. It makes for some really great photos, but after a few days, many of us begin to complain that we just want our clear North Dakota skies back.

Especially at night. Even when you live a few miles away from a bigger city in this state, you can enjoy the night skies. Which I do. It settles me. Sometimes, when the day seems particularly stressful, a deep breath and a look up at a sky full of stars is all it takes to make everything right.

But the haze is thick today and might stay around for a while.

And speaking of hazy, there is a hearing in Fargo today regarding EPA’s Waters of the U.S. rule. The state of North Dakota has joined with several other states in an attempt to block the rule going into effect. The rule is so vague (hence the “and speaking of hazy”) a landowner has no reliable way to know what will be regulated. It’s a tense time for farmers and ranchers as this whole thing plays out.

From the NDFB perspective, throwing out the rule and starting over is the only sensible thing to do. We’ll see if common sense prevails!


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