I found out today via social media that it is National Dog Day. So of course a post went up on NDFB’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts because dogs are pretty much a  required farm critter! And, even though he isn’t a farm dog, I shared a photo of this guy…


His name is Riley and he is an 8-year-old Springer Spaniel. He pretty much lives a cushy life. He visits the farm where I grew up from time to time and bugs the cats, but really, he’s just a big food-stealing, attention-demanding furball.

When I turn on the blow dryer to dry my hair in the morning, and he’s at my feet looking expectantly up at me, because ONCE I made the mistake of scratching his ears while the blow dryer was on.

He once boldly stole half a hamburger off the dining room table that my son had just warmed up for lunch. My son had forgotten to bring the ketchup with him so he went back into the kitchen to get it. The reason I say boldly is because the only thing dividing the kitchen from the dining room is a 3 foot tall counter.

For all his foibles, he really is a joy to have around. In a bad mood? His incessant need to be “loved” means if you are sitting on the couch, pouting, he’s going to jump up on the couch, and try sitting on your lap (all 48 pounds of him). It’s enough to make even the grumpiest curmudgeon smile.

In fact, when we were picking out the pup we thought would best fit our family and our lives (and would make a good hunting partner for the hubs) he came up to me. I picked him up and he immediately snuggled his nose in the crook of my neck. Yep. Hook. Line. And sinker. And he’s still got me wrapped around his paw 8 years later!

So, Riley, even though you can’t read this, and don’t really care, happy #NationalDogDay!


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