You can’t take the farm out of the girl

IMG_2436A coworker sent me photos and video from a visit back to the farm where she grew up. That’s her, sitting in the extra seat in the cab of the combine.

She remembers growing up on the farm. How her dad tested the wheat for moisture by how well he could make “wheat gum.” (Oh my gosh, when she told me that, it TOTALLY took me right back to being a kid on the farm and how I used to chew my own wheat gum!!) She remembers how dirty you got on the tractor or combine or swather because NOBODY had cabs back then. But mostly, she remembers family. How farming was so much a family thing.

And now, her nephew is the fourth generation on the farm, and you know what he remembers? His grandpa farming and how he loved to tag along and be in the field and how he is carrying on that tradition with his family.

As she talked, I found myself choking up a little. That’s because even though I have been away for the farm for 35 years, and I have raised a family on a 2-acre plot of land, there is nothing like going back to the farm. That’s why it is such a joy when Farm Bureau members share their farms and ranches with us through this blog, our publications and video. I love the whole experience. It really takes me back to my childhood and home.

Because you really can’t take the farm out of the girl.

To listen to the short interview I did with Val, click here. (Downloads an mp3 audio).


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