All in a day’s emails

I guess when you are the person on staff whose email is linked to inquiries about the website, you have to expect all kinds of interesting emails.

From Mr. Wang and his highly legitimate bequest, to Anton wondering if he can get a job if he is from Belarus, the process of reading through and determining the validity of what I get in my inbox can be a daunting task some days.

And how I get on some lists is beyond me. But it makes for lively deleting!

Here is just a small sampling of email subject lines I received last week:

Top ACA questions

ALE play or pay

Outstanding Product for Accumulation and Liquidity

Say whaaaaaa’? I don’t even know what ACA or ALE stand for. And accumulation and liquidity of what?

I don’t keep them in my inbox long enough to find out.

Oh, and someone wants to donate $2 million to me.

Oops. I guess it was actually just $2. Turns out, that 2 followed by a bunch of zeroes was actually written as such: $ Periods, instead of commas.


Yes, my inbox is typically overflowing with messages. Some of it is my fault, because I have subscribed to several public relations newsletters to keep myself up-to-date on the latest trends. I have also signed up for emailed news releases from many government and association entities.

But it’s the Wangs and liquidity emails of the world that bring a smile to my face. As I delete them.


I’m a sucker for the sky. So it’s a good thing I live in North Dakota, where I get to see a lot of it! It seems I’m always looking up. Maybe I have my head in the clouds or something. I don’t know. I’m just in frequent awe of how majestic it all is, and have a phone full of photos to prove it. Since I take so many photos of the sky (and stuff in front of the sky), I figure I better share a few.

We had some "weather" on October 1 and this photo was taken after the storm headed to the east.
We had some “weather” on October 1 and this photo was taken after the storm headed to the east.
the little cloud that could
And after I photographed the passing cloud bank, I looked to the north and saw this….a tiny cloud releasing a bucketful of moisture!
morning palette
October sunrises are always so incredibly beautiful! Probably because I’m up in time to see them!!!!
foggy morning
Ok, this isn’t technically a sky picture, but it has fog in it, which CAME from the sky! And birds. Which fly in the sky! This is another on-my-way-to-work shot. Made me a little late, but I just couldn’t resist the shot. The birds were the bonus of walking into the grass.
soybean harvest
The soybean field near our house was harvested last Saturday. Loved the wispy clouds behind the combine.
26th Street
I picked up my daughter from a sleepover party on Sunday morning, and couldn’t resist driving down to the end of the maintained road for this 9 a.m. shot.

Rodeo time

It’s North Dakota Rodeo Association Finals time and North Dakota Farm Bureau is a sponsor of the event, broadcast on the Bek Sports Network. Part of our sponsorship includes interviews and a commercial. We had the camera crew in our office yesterday to interview Joey Tigges, NDFB’s Leadership Development Director, Monte Pfenning of Puklich Chevrolet in Bismarck and  Steve Pletan of Action Motor Sports in Mandan.

Why Monte and Steve? Because they work for businesses that provide NDFB members GREAT benefits on GM and Polaris vehicles, respectively. We hope that by providing them a little air time, more Farm Bureau members will realize they have an opportunity to save a lot of money. Polaris and GM also play a role in our Young Farmers and Ranchers program, through the Discussion Meet, which Joey talked about during her part of the interview. (The state Discussion Meet winner receives a Polaris 4-wheeler and the national winner gets a GM truck!)

We also have a 30-second commercial that features members from around the state sharing why they belong. These were taken from interviews my coworker Lisa and I did over the last few years. A HUGE thank you to Courtney, Trevor, Corey and Darryl for your awesome comments about Farm Bureau. The ad is embedded below:

If you happen to be a rodeo fan and want to learn more about Farm Bureau and our benefits, tune in or watch the livestream on the Bek Sports site. It gets underway tonight at 7 p.m.