Not just another day

I think one of the reasons I enjoy working for farmers is because they not only love what they do, but they feel compelled to service; to put in long hours to keep people here and abroad fed and clothed. I understand that level of service, because I came from it.

But for the 23 million American veterans who we will honor on Veterans Day, I can only imagine the courage and strength of their service to this country. It’s incredibly humbling.

My dad never spoke about his service in Korea. Not to me, anyway. So I can’t even pretend to know what he was feeling as enemy gunfire snuffed out the lives of those around him. It’s a chilling thought; one that I think would be very hard to forget when trying to come back to the “regular” work-day world.

Maybe that’s why he was such a devoted farmer.

Which is why I think American Farm Bureau’s Patriot Project is so awesome. It’s an opportunity for those who have devoted their lives to service to their country to continue serving in a noble and honorable way – farming and ranching.

And thank you to all the veterans out there who have given of yourselves to keep this country great. You are appreciated and loved by many.


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