If you give a Farm Bureau staffer a ladder…

You know that kid’s book,  “If you give a mouse a cookie.” It spawned a bunch of other books like “If you give a moose a muffin.” And “If you give a dog a donut.”

Well, I’m here to tell you, those critters have nothing on Farm Bureau’s creative staff.

If a Farm Bureau staffer, (namely Val Gordon, who has a wonderfully creative decorating side to her) sees a ladder in a second-hand store) she might think it would make a great coat rack for the Bismarck office.

But the ladder needs hardware on which to hang said coats. And a trip to a nearby hobby store produces no definitive results. So the ladder leans against a wall in the “media” room for a couple of months until another Farm Bureau staffer (namely Pete Hanebutt) takes it upon himself to move the project forward and purchase various hooks and knobs  to hang the coats on the ladder that needs to be hung on the wall.

He then brings his sons in on a weekend and assembles the hardware on the ladder and hangs the ladder on the wall.

(To the delight of the other two staffers in the Bismarck office, Lisa Hauf, and me, and everyone who stops in our office.)


It is as much a conversation piece as a highly functional coat/hat rack.

I dare not imagine what they could do with a piece of machinery!!!

See what each member of the NDFB staff does for the organization at this link: Meet the NDFB Staff.


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