If you give a Farm Bureau staffer a webcam…

They will realize that, when they open their video editing software, that suddenly, the Stop Motion feature works.

Then they find out tomorrow is National Pig Day.

And they just happen to have a squishy, stress pig sitting on the desk.

So they surmise that knowing how and  if this really works would be advantageous for future projects.

They do a video using the squishy pig.

Then they will think about the bendable cow figures in a drawer and think about making another video with the bendable cows.

They pull out the bendable cows and start thinking about the funny things they could do with the cows.

But then they look at the time and realize there are many other tasks yet to accomplish on this spare day at the end February.

So the cows get put on a green screen and the whole series gets entitled: Ma! The cows got out again!