Sunburst tip from an award-winning photographer

Photographers seldom think about what it’s like to be in front of the camera, so when I asked Katherine Plessner of Verona if she’d be willing to do an interview for our publication Focus, and for NDFB’s YouTube channel, she was a little hesitant.

What would she possibly have to say? Well, turns out there was so much, we couldn’t fit it all into a two-minute video. We talked about photography in general. About her involvement in Pride of Dakota for many years. About the lovely park in Verona that she spearheaded. She even shared a few photography tips! It became clear pretty quickly that this multi-talented lady needed a little more “media” time. So expect to see a couple of video clips from Katherine over the next few months.

Katherine recently won second place in the technology division of the 2015 American Farm Bureau Federation’s Photo Contest, and the story of how she got that photo appeared in NDFB’s newsletter Focus in print and online.

And here’s one of those bonus features: Katherine explains how to create “sunbursts” in your photos. You won’t believe how easy it is.




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