11 things I learned going to a PR Conference

Lisa Hauf
by Lisa Hauf, NDFB Director of Public Relations

My new position at NDFB as Director of Public Relations is a step I’m excited to be making. Part of any successful career is continuing to learn and I’m privileged to work for an organization that encourages growth and education.

Recently, I attended the PR Now & Next Conference in Chicago. I learned about public relation trends and even gained a few extra life lessons.

Chicago view

Here are some of the things I learned:

– Communication is ever changing. What we learn in one year or even in one month will change sooner than later. Read, engage and never stop learning.

– I knew more about Snapchat than most all other attendees (I’m still debating if this is a positive thing).

– Get to know people and connect with them. Building relationships is a must in any career.

– Take, at a minimum, the full dosage of Dramamine when you get motion sickness, are 19 weeks pregnant with nausea and are flying around storms.

– Pertaining to my point above: be sure to have a barf bag handy.

– Humor is a great mechanism to use when you find yourself awkwardly holding a used barf bag while the airplane taxis for 15 minutes and you are sitting next to a stranger.

– Greasy Chinese food will make you feel better. I promise.


– Back to communications — Artificial intelligence is present and going to become more integrated into our daily lives.

– Technology changes rapidly and that means our jobs are changing rapidly. Don’t be afraid to learn and to transform with it, but always stay grounded to your beliefs.

– Professionals in the communication world have different opinions, ’cause let’s face it, communication in general is often about one’s opinion. But there were some common themes: stories and feelings. Keep those two words in mind when forming your opinion.

– Be prepared for weather delays when flying through Chicago — I repeat — be prepared for weather delays when flying through Chicago.

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