Four-Legged Adventure

By Aryel Smith, NDFB Southwest Field Representative

I’m a big fan of the phrase, “On to the next adventure,” which, in my case, often means the next travel destination, or weekly trips to Fargo for NDSU sporting events in the fall and winter. I’ve recently taken vacation time to explore the mountains and meet with old friends before annual meetings, but all of that has slowed down, because of a cute, calico, four-legged adventure. wb-2.jpg

Wittle baby, WB for short, is the result of a late evening visit to a collegiate Farm Bureau  member’s sister’s home after a county meeting. Momma kitty had not been seen in a few days and the three kittens she left behind needed someone to take care of them.

WB was only about two weeks old when I took on the challenge of sleepless nights and bottle feeding. She has been more of an adventure that I ever imagined, but she is already part of the Farm Bureau family. WB has been on a farm visit in Arnegard, a staff retreat in Havanna, office visits in Bismarck and more.WB 1

This weekend she will go on her last adventure before being old enough to be left alone overnight. WB and I will make the trek to Fargo to cheer on the NDSU Boys of Fall at their home opener.


It had been a very long time since I took on the challenge of being a “pet mom,” but just like any parent I show her off with pride. It is a bit different than human parents, but this baby is cute enough to soften even the heart of any cat scrooge.

Wittle baby keeps me busy for now, but soon she will be an independent cat, and when that time comes, it will be – “On to the next adventure.”


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