By Dawn Smith-Pfeifer,  Director of Content and Communications

“I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream.” – David Bowie, “Changes”

Is that negative? Or positive? Or just an observation? It depends on who you are.

I have a new role at NDFB and part of that role is learning how to embrace all things content-related. And the biggest content conference around is Content Marketing World,  held in Cleveland, Ohio.

The view from my 28th floor hotel room with Lake Erie in the background.

Cleveland also happens to be home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hence the “Changes” reference. (Shout out to all you David Bowie fans!)

But enough about that. The conference is over and I’m sitting in the airport. For the next 3 hours. Because when you get old, you get places really early just in case you break a hip or something. To be honest I’m here early because I wanted to make sure I could find my way back and not miss my flight.

All this waiting has given me plenty of time to think about the conference notes I took and what the take-aways are for a member organization like NDFB.

The last speaker I went to talked about how not to become a corporate zombie. And she said the way to do that is by remaining true to your identity; who you are. It was like tying the whole 4 days in a bow!

NDFB’s core values are freedom, opportunity and self-reliance. I’m proud of those values. I try to live those values. But that doesn’t mean we can’t step outside of our comfort zone and share those values with others in new and maybe even fun ways.

So while our core remains solid, the ways we reach out and share those values could be ch-ch-ch-changing.


Is that negative?  Or positive?  Or just an observation? It depends on who YOU are.

Lake Erie sunset.

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