When you’re celebrating your 75th birthday

By NDFB Southwest Field Representative Aryel Smith

There is so much pride that can come from our past.

The ability to look back and see the ups and downs, the changes and challenges we survived is a pure testament to the resilience and ingenuity of those in agriculture. We often see innovation coming and meet it head on, whether we believe it or not. When the going gets tough we find ourselves getting stronger.

Aryel and grandpa Dodd
This is me as a kid with a new Barbie and my Grandpa Dodd.

I was born in 1994, so while I cannot speak for those more experienced in life, I can correlate my short time in this world to many challenges of the past.

I used to be shy, quiet and never really talked to strangers. Now it is more shocking if I go a few hours without talking. I did not like to rock the boat and preferred the how-can-we-not-offend-anyone approach. I also used to have bright red hair and probably had political views and beliefs that would have me belonging to another organization.

Yet, that is the beautiful thing about time; it passes and creates our past. We can learn from our history. We can remember how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.

NDFB is celebrating its 75th birthday this November and I could not be more excited.

First NDFB directors web
NDFB’s first board of directors.

Corporate farming, right to farm, gasohol, shelterbelt planting, land taxes and so many more issues make up the history and legacy that is NDFB. In 75 years we have continued to grow and fight for our members, while remembering our past and our beliefs.

I am confident the next 75 years will be no different. And while I might not be around to see it, I know our members will keep our beloved organization in good hands.

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