Reaching out to help those in need

By Travis Binde, NDSU Collegiate Farm Bureau President

The NDSU Collegiate Farm Bureau and Collegiate FFA clubs, volunteered at the Great Plains Food Bank on November 30th. The group of 17 members received a tour of the facilities along with information about the Great Plains Food Bank. We also boxed up food that had been donated from the various food drives around the area.

That night they packaged 4,200 pounds of food which was enough for about 3,500 meals. We learned that nationally, one in six individuals do not know where their next meal will come from. In North Dakota that number is a little better at one in nine.

NDSU Collegiate foodbank
Collegiate Farm Bureau Members (L to R) First row: Jenna Aasmundstad, Maggie Swenson, and Sara Hatlewick. Second Row: Hailey Dubord, Matt Kukla, Chance Lundberg, Travis Binde, and Andrea Haugland.

Personally, I found the experience very rewarding. I always knew people needed food assistance but I didn’t realize I probably know many people who do receive help. I was also surprised by how much food is donated from stores like Hornbacher’s, Target, and Kellogg’s. The products they donate make up about 96% of the goods in the food bank. It’s nice to know that companies are doing their part to help end hunger.

The overall experience was awesome. It was so much fun working together as a group. At the end, it even got a little competitive — trying to get a variety of products put into the boxes because we had way more canned goods than other products. When we finished, everyone in our group said they had a blast and that we should definitely do this again. I hope we do, because by doing this simple gesture we could make a difference in the lives of many people and families who need the help.

Collegiate FB and FFA
Collegiate Farm Bureau and Collegiate FFA members who helped volunteer at the Great Plains Food Bank

The Great Plains Food Bank services North Dakota and western Minnesota. They deliver goods to food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters throughout the area. By doing so they will touch the lives of one in nine individuals who seek emergency food assistance. If you are wanting to donate, consider donating personal care items and nonperishable foods.


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