Bark (or meow) yourself a merry little Christmas!

By Dawn Smith-Pfeifer, NDFB Content and Communications Director

Meet Dingo Diagio. Alias Dingo Dog. Or sometimes, just Ding. Or Dogless P. Dogless.RileySanta.jpg

As you’ve probably guessed by now, none of those are his name.

His registered name is Oahe’s Catcher in the Rye. We nicknamed him Riley. I call him everything BUT Riley. Unless I’m mad at him. You know. Kind of like how, when you are mad at your kids, you use their first AND middle names? (And if you use first, middle AND last, they’re toast!)

But I digress.

Why the goofy names? They are terms of endearment. I call my daughter Monkey and my son Bug, so why not call the dog Dingo Diagio? Who knows? Next week, I might be calling him something completely different.

Turns out I’m not the only NDFB staffer who gives their pet “pet” names.

Naughty Sigbot.jpg

This is Siggy. (Looks like he got caught checking out his presents, doesn’t he?) His registered name is Hanebutt’s Habeas Corpus, but Pete nicknamed him Siggy in honor of an old German dog trainer he knew, named Sigbot Winterhelt. And yes, Pete calls his dog Sigbot a lot.

Missling boys

Or what about these two? Meet Gucci (aka The Gootch) and Matias. Jeff says “The Gootch” is a fitting nickname because, “he pretty much hates everyone except for those within his very small circle of trust.” Jeff also gave each of them extended names: Guccinald Arnold Liesmaki Missling and Matias Jones Liesmaki Missling. (Wonder if he calls them that when they are in trouble?)


Bentley Oliver O’Reily Gordon is a registered Yorkshire Terrier and is Valerie’s grand puppy. She says they call him Boo and he knows how to spell. “We spell W-A-L-K and he runs to the door. He loves walks!” He also love carrots and red peppers!

And then there’s Finn, the Christmas elf who was dog-tired and fell asleep waiting for Santa. Although Finn is only 5 1/2 months old, he definitely knows when he’s in trouble. “He tries to make up to you by crawling in his bed, putting his head down and looking up at you with his puppy dog eyes,” Alisha says. And although they call him Finnegan or Finny, Alisha admits she calls him “Baby” when no one else is around. (I can relate, Alisha. I still call Riley “Baby Dog” sometimes, and he’s 10 years old!)

And to tie this all up with a bow (pun intended) we have Jett, the cat, in a series of pictures that Amy hilariously captions:

Christmas Jett 1
I explained to him about the NDFB blog, what that entailed, and what the bow was for. As you can see, he is quite impressed.
Christmas Jett 2
The shot after applying the bow.  He seems resistant.
Christmas Jett 3
It’s becoming clear Jett has no interest in helping me out with the NDFB blog.
Christmas Jett 4.JPG
I’m pretty sure he knows how to cuss.

Ironically, only the men in the house call Jett by other names like Buddy, Big Baby and Poocums. Amy says Jett may get coal in his stocking this year, but they love him, his mustached face and all his attitude.

From all of us at NDFB and our furry friends, Merry Christmas!



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