Chores and more with Chance and Zane

By Lisa Hauf, NDFB Public Relations Director

I’ve always been someone who can’t sit still and my attention span is shorter than most. (Squirrel!) My parents can attest to this, as I found TV boring even as a child. This means an office job can become challenging at times. Most of my week days are spent in an office. Luckily, I have an office window, and the coffee and water is all down the hall. I could probably win an award for how much water I drink a day, but I think it’s an excuse to get out of my chair and stretch. The standing station and exercise ball are great inventions and multitasking is welcomed in my world.

So why are my days at the desk worth it? Because I know at NDFB we are advocating for the future of agriculture.

Every now and then, I get to do what I love best: get out of the office and spend time with members of NDFB. My coworker, Dawn and I take road trips to help tell a story of a farmer or rancher. I’ve learned over time, almost everyone has a story to tell, it’s simply getting people to realize it. Most farmers don’t think their story is much different than the next, but everyone’s story is unique. Out of all the member spotlights we have done, every single NDFB member has been kind, appreciative and humble. All of which are true examples of North Dakota values.

Last month, an opportunity for another of our “Adventures of Dawn and Lisa” arose. It was fun. Real fun! This time, we interviewed Chance and Zane – ages 10 and 8, respectively. We were able to watch the brothers work together as they did their daily chores. All I could keep thinking is, “Yep, another example of how awesome NDFB members are.”

Chance and Zane are true advocates for agriculture and they aren’t even in middle school yet. They are the very reason NDFB stands up for freedom, opportunity and self-reliance. The passion these boys have for agriculture and the livestock around them is humbling.

There is no doubt in my mind that North Dakota agriculture, the land and the animals, are in good hands with children like Chance and Zane.

Watch the first video in a series of Chores with Chance:


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