When it’s national trivia day

And you are an ag organization, of course you’re going to want to share some agriculture-related trivia.

Use this information to impress your family, your friends and anyone who thinks food originates at a grocery store!

Americans pay the least for food. We spend less of our disposable income on food than any other country.


U.S. – 10%

France – 13%

Mexico – 23%

India – 31%

Americans eat approximately 87.7 lbs. of chicken, 51.5 lbs. of beef and 46.7 lbs. of potatoes each year.

America’s farms and ranches are the world’s most productive. Today, each farm produces food and fiber for 165 people annually. Of those, 106 are in the U.S. and 59 are outside the U.S.

Doing more with less:

Careful stewardship by America’s farmers has decreased wind and water cropland erosion by 44 percent since 1982.

Use of biotech crops has reduced herbicide and insecticide use by 19 percent.

The pounds of feed a cows needs to eat to produce 100 pounds of milk has decreased by more than 40 percent in the last 30 years!

More than food:

Many of the products we use in our everyday lives are plant and animal byproducts of foods produced by America’s farmers and ranchers including adhesives, lubricants, solvents, detergents, paints, brushes, drywall, pharmaceuticals, surgical sutures, shampoo, soap, cosmetics, toothpaste, paper, ink, crayons, textbooks and much, much more!!!

Where do the ingredients on your pizza come from?
The farmers behind your pizza_NDFB-life
These are the top producing states for each of these ingredients:

Onions – California, Colorado, Georgia

Tomato sauce – Florida, California

Mushrooms – Pennsylvania, California

Pizza dough (winter wheat) – Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington

Sausage (hogs) – Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina

Green peppers – California, Florida

Mozzarella cheese – California, Wisconsin, New York

But farmers in North Dakota also produce the ingredients for your pizza. Watch this fun and informative video:

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