The date that picked us

By Alisha Nord, NDFB Southeast Field Representative

Calving season, stock show season, planting, harvest, putting up hay – so when exactly is the free time? Especially if you are looking to plan for a special day, let’s say, to get married! If you are involved in the above seasons, you may answer, never. Which is exactly what my fiancé Dan and I said when trying to decide on a wedding date. Does this mean a Vegas wedding? Okay, I am just kidding, but we did think about it for a quick second.


When farming and ranching is your life, free days seem quite limited. And trying to plan around not one but TWO farming/ranching families, not including our own, can be slightly hectic. So how did we go about picking a date? The date chose us.

We knew winter was a NO GO, with our wonderful and ever so mild winters. (You know I am joking, right?) We knew that our ONE big day wasn’t going to be ruined by having to push snow or rescue calves from the cold. Both of our families also farm, so spring planting and fall harvest days were pretty much thrown out as well. If we aren’t baling hay, you can usually find us at a cattle show every other weekend during the summer. So, the question back at hand, how are we going to pick a day?

We decided on Fargo as a mutual location for both of our families and started checking with venues. After deciding on a venue location, we crossed our fingers and hoped there would be more than two dates to pick from. People plan way farther in advance than we do! We got lucky and she had three open for 2019. It must be our lucky year! There was one weekend in July and two weekends in August available.

Dan always said July is too hot, and one of my very best friends was getting married the second weekend in August that was available at our venue. Voilà! August 3rd, 2019 it was! We can now laugh and say that our wedding date was pretty much picked for us. And Dan will be happy it’s not in July, because I am sure by August 3rd it will cool off quite a bit, right?!

We didn’t get to pick an anniversary date based on a lucky number or something special like a grandparent’s wedding date. As ranchers, cows are enough to keep track of. But we got a date that truly picked us.


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