My nickname still sticks with me

By Joey Bailey, NDFB Director of Organizational Development

The first summer I worked for NDFB – which has already been 10 years ago – I was at the North Dakota State Fair helping NDFB get signatures for our ballot measure protecting animal agriculture. Our chairman at the time was out and about asking for signatures while I manned the booth. When he asked a couple for their support, they said, “Oh we already signed at the booth with the dark lady.” We had several laughs over that and the name just kind of stuck!

A few weeks ago, 21 NDFB members and collegiate members travelled to Louisville, Kentucky for the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference. The conference included great speakers and tons of networking with farmers and ranchers from around the United States. We took home new ideas to further the success of NDFB’s mission to enhance the livelihood of all North Dakota individuals by advocating for agriculture.

One of my favorite memories while in Louisville happened the first night we were in town and set the mood for the rest of our time there. As we were networking, another attendee mentioned about me being “The Dark Lady” again. I guess I hadn’t realized it, but I was among a bunch of blonde women. Some were co-workers and some were volunteers. “The Dark Lady” surrounded by a bunch of blondes – we had fun with it over the weekend.

From left: Ashley Skarsgard, Sheridan Visser, me, Haley Robison and Megan Overby

This conference had not taken place in three years because it was scheduled for the weekend that COVID shut everything down in March of 2020. Being there made me really appreciate getting out and seeing Farm Bureau members from across the county who I hadn’t seen in such a long time!

The trip made me think about how thankful I am for our volunteers and staff. We just hired two new (blonde) ladies (Ha!) this fall, and they both hit the ground running. It feels like we have a full and strong team! We are back to normal with conferences planned and meetings in full swing. It feels great to be back to “normal” and to laugh at the little things!

The blondes and “The Dark Lady” had a caricature done while in Louisville. Clockwise from upper left:
Ashley Skarsgard, Megan Overby, Haley Robison and Sheridan Visser.

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