Can you believe this Spring?

by Valerie Gordon, NDFB Assistant Treasurer

I understand how farmers are feeling right now, even though my livelihood doesn’t depend on what I get planted. Mother Nature hasn’t been very cooperative for any of us who like to dig in the dirt.

I have been waiting to plant my vegetable garden. This is just my second year in this spot. And while I did manage to get it tilled, we had frost warnings last weekend for Friday and Saturday so no planting could get done.

That has given me a lot more time to think about planning the best layout for the space I have. Do I create a square-foot garden or the traditional row garden? I’m still not quite settled on that yet, but I have drawn out my bed and moved my plants around to get the best layout.

 I purchased a small green house with grow lights and planted some vegetable from seed, so I would be set to go as soon as it warmed up. But since Mother Nature decided spring was going to be a long time coming, here it is Memorial Day weekend and I have two plants in my garden. Two plants. That is it. 

My greenhouse is still in garage and all the plants are ready to go just waiting for the perfect warm spring day. It looks like that could happen this weekend!

With a little bit of luck some sunshine and rain I might get some vegetables by 4th of July.

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