Inspiration through my phone’s camera roll

by Amy Neurohr, NDFB Administrative Specialist

When my turn to write a blog for My NDFB Life came, I struggled to come up with a topic. For inspiration, I scrolled through the camera roll on my phone looking at life events I’ve had over the summer. Spoiler alert, if anyone plans on doing this, be prepared to go down a never-ending rabbit hole! I ended up spending a solid 10 minutes of perusing down summer’s memory lane. I was surprised at how many activities were done and how many memories were made since the start of summer.

According to my phone photos, my vegetable gardens have grown incredibly fast, my husband experienced yet another nasal surgery and he can out dress anyone on the 4th of July. My niece-in-law could swim all day if you let her, and my cat sure has some impressive hunting skills. I discovered summer is the time for photos of my flowers for no reason other than to take photos of my flowers. I also realized I have good intentions on trying new BBQ and dessert recipes since I have numerous photos of them but apparently immediately forget about them as soon as I snap the photo.

Even though my camera roll proves every day, every week, and every weekend was packed with activities, I still expected to have accomplished more by now. I didn’t get all the vegetable seeds planted that I wanted to. I still haven’t had family over for a BBQ supper so I would have an excuse to make that rhubarb cheesecake recipe that is sitting in my camera roll. I haven’t finished any of the three books I started to read this past spring and didn’t ride my bike once.

Why is it that instead of realizing how full my summer has already been, I focus on all the things I didn’t get done? Seeing evidence of wonderful memories while scrolling through photos on my phone has been a wakeup call to be more present in each day. To appreciate the memories and the accomplishments I’ve already experienced and not worry about all the summer plans unfulfilled. As I learn this new habit of living in the moment, I think I’ll find more gratitude and balance not only in the summer season, but every season.

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