Reviving and reinvigorating from the ground up

By Becca Hennessy, NDFB Northwest Field Representative

My favorite part of my job is visiting with many like-minded people every day. I work for an organization that is based on the beliefs and values of its members, and that truly makes me feel very proud. 

Many of these like-minded members serve on their county Farm Bureau boards, volunteering their time. They are dedicated to our state’s farmers and ranchers as well as the mission of NDFB. 

Recently, a great group of volunteers came together in Divide County to revive their county Farm Bureau board. Goal number one on my list since starting my job back in 2019, was to find a motivated group of farmers and ranchers ready to take on the challenge. Finally, this year the stars aligned, and I could not be happier with the team that is paving the way for Divide County Farm Bureau. All of its board members are the type of volunteers who are involved wherever they can be, which allows them to make a difference in their community. This is the first county board that I’ve gotten to work with who is starting with a whole new board. As hard as it has been, it is also rewarding to see a group of members come together to make big things happen. This week Divide County Farm Bureau will be donating the beef for burgers at the Divide County football game. They look forward to visiting with community members and getting their county Farm Bureau name out again. 

Divide County Farm Bureau Vice President Colbey Steeke is helping reinvigorate the county Farm Bureau.

Being a volunteer is no easy task. We are all busy. We all have a million irons in the fire. Many of us have a hard time stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things. All these things are normal and okay! I challenge you to ask your local county Farm Bureau board what they do and see what kind of impact they have on your community! 

Thank you to all our county board volunteers across the state. NDFB is a leader in the ag industry because of all its incredible volunteers! 

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