Thank you for showing up

By Becca Hennessy, NDFB Northwest Field Representative

The NDFB Annual Meeting was here and gone in flash. It is nice to see new and familiar faces at the event. We raised record-setting funds during the scholarship auction (a mustache and head of hair were shaved), held great discussion on policy development, and had many great laughs with the annual banquet’s keynote speaker Damian Mason. 

NDFB Foundation auctioneer Cliff Sanders promised to shave his mustache if members donated $17,000 to the scholarship program through the live auction. They did, and he made good on his promise!

It was another year where I got to step back and remember what a great organization I work for, and how thankful I am to work with wonderful members. I can confidently say that working with not only farmers and ranchers, but the many agricultural people in between gives me so much pride. What an incredible industry and state we live and work in! 

As many of us know, the NDFB Annual Meeting is an honor to attend; this is coming from not only a staff member but from a once wide-eye collegiate member who saw a completely different perspective of ag when she was given the opportunity to attend this meeting.

As a delegate at the annual meeting, you are able to make your voice heard. Not only are you seen as a member of an organization that truly cares what is on your mind and heart, but your voice helps lead us on the issues that matter most.

Paul Subart, a young farmer from Kidder County, was a delegate at the annual meeting. (Photo by Megan Overby).

Your voice is the very grassroots of NDFB. So, thank you to all who were able to attend the 80th NDFB Annual Meeting. Thank you for sharing your time with us when you have a to-do list a mile long. Thank you for spending time visiting with others from across the state who may do things differently on their farm or ranch but might want to make changes here or there because of your conversations. Thank you for making connections with those who may have just needed a friendly face to talk to who share a common interest. 

I look forward to another year working with all of you and seeing many of you at next year’s annual meeting!

Happy holidays!  


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