The wonderful world of Walter

by Amy Neurohr, NDFB Administrative Specialist

Knowing I’m a cat owner, a friend recently sent me a tweet someone posted about how thankful they were to be able to own a cat and not have to visit the “micro panthers” in a zoo. Most days I agree with the tweet. Some days not so much.

We got Walter about five years ago when he was five months old. Since he came from a farm near Almont, he had plenty of experience and time to learn how to hunt and hunt well. These days, however, when he hunts, he likes to bring the live critter into the house and let it go. I guess it’s much more fun for him to have it contained in the house. Personally, I’m not a fan of this technique. I’ve gotten good at catching or shooing birds out the door. But the rodents are quick when terrified!

A few months ago, Walter smuggled in a baby shrew the size of a peanut which of course ran underneath the sectional. That has been my greatest containment challenge to date. Doors were slammed shut with towels jammed underneath, sectional footrests were raised, and a wide-mouthed glass vase was retrieved and at the ready. There was a lot of zipping and skittering when the shrew came out from under the sectional. I’m still not sure how I was able to encase the critter without squishing it.

Walter dog hunting from the front porch.

When the neighborhood dogs get “too close” to our yard Walter immediately runs at them. It doesn’t matter that the dogs are on the sidewalk. With a leash. And an owner at the end of the leash. It gets awkward trying to scoop up the cat while simultaneously trying to apologize and explain to the dog owner why your 10-pound cat is trying to give Fido a beat down.

Because he can!

He also tends to be in places in the house where he shouldn’t be. Because he can. Shelves containing potted plants have been tipped over. He’s been caught lollygagging on top of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and even on the refrigerator. The most impressive feat is when he gets in the house ductwork, and you can hear him slinking through various rooms in the floor.

But I must admit even with all the stressful antics and tricky situations Walter creates we still appreciate all his personality and laugh about his ability to keep us entertained! In this season of being grateful, I am indeed thankful to be able to own our “micro panther.” Except when he brings mice in the house.


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