How I transition from spring to summer

By Megan Hanson, NDFB Director of Member Relations

After another long, cold winter, spring has officially sprung and everyone is either trying to get into their fields, pastures, or for me personally, trying to get into the garden. The warmer weather and extra daylight make it tempting to just jump right in and start planting, mowing, and weeding. But, as my grandpa always said, “You must have a plan. You can’t just do everything on a whim.”

That’s why, before I start my outdoor projects, I like to take some time to really think about what I want to accomplish and how I want to go about it. Especially when we have only a few short months to knock out different projects before the blistering cold of winter returns. 

Transitioning between seasons is all about being prepared, and that starts with the right clothing. Now is the time to store winter clothes and bring out the warmer weather wardrobe. Additionally, this is an ideal time to go through your closets and kitchen and donate any items that you haven’t used in the past year.

Spring cleaning is also key for a successful transition. Spend a day clearing your house of built-up dust, dirt, and clutter; turn on some music to keep you motivated while deep cleaning each room of your home to make sure that it stays organized throughout the summer season. Decluttering my spaces gives me a clean slate to start over on.

Spring’s clean slate always starts with cleaning, and usually ends with sowing plants in the garage to be ready to transplant once our warm weather stays.

Young garden seedings are sprouting and starting to spend short periods of time outdoors in the sunlight to enhance their durability.
These are 6 potato bags I am testing out this year to compare to inground sown potatoes.

As we transition to summer, it’s worthwhile to think about the various advantages of being outdoors more often. With the days being longer, there is more time after work in the evenings and on weekends to spend outside. Take full advantage of this extended period of daylight by doing things like cooking dinner on your grill, mowing your lawn, tending a garden, playing fetch with your dog, going for walks around your property or spending quality time socializing outdoors with friends and family.

Not only is outdoor activity beneficial for physical fitness, but also for mental wellbeing — taking a break from everyday life can have tremendous positive benefits. Enjoy the warm weather and make this season a happy one!


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