God sends small reminders when we need them

by Becca Hennessy, NDFB Northwest Field Representative

It’s funny how some things can be sentimental and bring back so many memories. I recently received a package in the mail from a close family friend, Pam. It was a quilted banner that my Grandma Dottie had made for Pam when she first moved back to our hometown, Reeder, N.D. 

Inside this package was not only the quilted banner, but a card with a photo of my grandma having coffee at Mabel’s Medicine Chest. Grandma was smiling as she visited with another customer in the shop.

Grandma Dottie at the coffee shop.

Pam ran Mabel’s Medicine Chest, a candy and gift shop in town. Imagine the big tubs of Trolli fresh gummy worms and Peachie O’s candy, racks of greeting cards (my personal favorites were the ones about the old cartoon cowboys and the “Maxine” greeting card series), and the perfect gift trinkets. It was one of the main coffee hot spots in town. Days that I spent with not only my Grandma Dottie, but my mom’s parents as well, typically involved a visit to the shop. I’d spend change I found in our clothes dryer or from selling sweet corn on candy and trinkets. 

My Grandma Dottie was one heck of a quilter. I’d watch her create beautiful quilts, patch up or hem many of the grandchildren’s clothing. She would often volunteer her time at the church in the women’s sewing/quilting group. 

Grandma Dottie passed away when I was in my later elementary years. I spent many hours watching her (and helping where I could) quilt, bake, and garden. So, seeing this quilt gave me a rush of old memories.

I specifically remember her making this quilted banner for Pam. I remember the intricate pattern, the different colored and printed fabrics (there were solids of red and blue and a printed fabric of cowboys). So, when I opened this package, tears welled in my eyes. I was gifted not only a special quilt, but with a blast of special memories. Pam decided to share this banner with me and my son, Bray. It now hangs in his room and is a daily reminder of my grandma. 

The most ironic thing about the package was that my dad had just sent my brothers and me a text that morning of an old photo of our Grandma Dottie. Sometimes God sends small reminders just when He thinks we need them. 

Long story short, I hope you run across something today, small or large, that makes you smile. Whether it’s an old photo, an old collectable tractor, or a quilt someone made. Moments like these really push away the negatives of your day! 

Me hugging Pam at my wedding.

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