I flew the coop. My daughter built a new one

By Valerie Gordon, NDFB Assistant Treasurer

Growing up in a large family on a small farm and ranch in northeastern North Dakota, we had it all. Literally. We’re talking cows, pigs, chickens, geese, and small grains. So, when I left for college, I thought I had left that all behind.

I moved to the city after school, got a job and raised a family. We visited my family farm with the kids, but all the animals were gone by then, so I was a little surprised when my daughter shared her dreams.

She was raised in the city with dreams of having it all. And her “all” included animals, like the farm we had when I was young. She moved to the country and decided to start out small, so she bought chickens. She did her research (The Chicken Chick) on the dos and don’ts of raising chickens.

She bought her first set of chickens for her son’s birthday, then decided four wasn’t enough and proceeded to buy six more the following week. Of course, she named them all too. Cleverly, I might add. For instance, the blonde ones are named Mary Kate and Ashley and the black and white one is named Cruella.


The chickens started off living in the basement in a big tub, graduated to a much larger tub in the garage and then finally to the chicken coop that her spouse had to build. (And oh boy, it’s a dandy coop, complete with artwork and rustic, farmhouse-like touches.)

My grandson goes out and opens up the door to the run for the chickens every day, and later helps collects the eggs. He loves the chickens and the eggs.

What a cozy chicken shack this is!

My daughter even put a chair in the coop so she could visit with her chickens. She calls them “girls” and talks to them as she picks eggs and cleans out the coop.

Her next dream is goats…

One comment

  1. Val That is the sweetest coup I have ever seen. I predict these chicks will only lay golden eggs! Teressa


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